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Steven J. Paolasini, B. Eng, RCIC

Steven J. Paolasini is a licensed RCIC and the founder of SJP Immigration Inc., a licensed immigration services company based in Calgary, Alberta. He is a chemical engineering graduate from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and has a passion for empowering individuals and families to achieve their immigration goals.

Prior to founding SJP Immigration Inc., Steven started and assisted in the growth of various entrepreneurial ventures, including a community coworking space, HustleCo Workspace, and an inbound digital marketing company, QuadRipple Inc. He is a born entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and skilled workers from around the world in calling Canada home.

Steven is committed to importing the best and brightest talent from around the world to put Canada in a class of its own on the world stage. Steven believes strongly in the ability of immigration and global mobility to improve Canadian economic strength, the social fabric, and cultural diversity of Canada.

At SJP Immigration Inc., Steven is committed to continuously improving the processes and service delivery of the company by focusing on technology implementation and process optimization. His goal is to cultivate an outstanding and extraordinary experience for any client of SJP Immigration Inc., whether overseas or domestic in Canada.

In his free time, Steven is passionate about culture and travel and finds that a career in immigration helps foster that passion. He loves to make friends and support others from all corners of the world to unite in Canada and enjoys learning about their culture and particularly their culinary specialties. Steven is also interested in genuine projects related to blockchain, decentralized governance, and cryptocurrency. He is a visionary leader who is committed to making Canada the best place in the world to start a business, build a life, and grow a family.

Steven Paolasini Kaizen

Steven J. Paolasini

Founder and Principal Consultant

Company Values

At SJP Immigration Inc., we fundamentally believe that Canada has the potential to be the best country in the world to start a business, build a life, and grow a family. With Canada's strategic location close to our greatest trading partner, the United States of America, our access to two oceans, the longest demilitarized border in the world, the most educated population in the world, an abundance of natural resources, an export-oriented economy, and vast landmass, we can be the beacon of hope and democracy, and the freest place on earth for businesses, people, and families to thrive.

We are committed to supporting this vision by providing exceptional immigration services that empower individuals and families to achieve their Canadian dream. We believe that by importing the best and brightest talent from around the world, Canada can continue to strengthen its economic, social, and cultural fabric. We are passionate about advocating for positive change in Canada's immigration system and policies to ensure that Canada remains an attractive destination for immigrants from all over the world.